“Oh!!! I forgot my charger”, first thing that came into my mind, when I took the bus to home, from Jagdalpur to Chaarama. I had gone to Jagdalpur to meet my friends in Diwali vacation. After one day of full of life I was returning back to Chaarama where my parents stay.

“Motorola”, it was Motorola’s charger that I forgot. “What a big deal, it’s just a charger? I can get a new one as I reach home” I thought.

After one complete day my phone demanded a charger as it started flashing low battery red signal.

I went to a local electronic shop where I got one duplicate charger. As Chaarama is a small place in chattisgarh, there was no chance of getting the original. As soon as the charging signal started blinking I paid money and left happily.

But it was just a signal; no electron stuff went inside the battery and even after 4 hours-NO Luck. It just survived to be ON.

I went to the shopkeeper to return it; he blamed the model of the mobile to be the culprit.

I kept it for 2 days just to keep my phone ON before finally returning it to the shopkeeper and going to Bhilai-my cousin's place.

I went with hope to get a new original one but the shopkeeper came with a duplicate one telling me that the distribution of Motorola is almost stopped in the state.

"Second charger", I said as I brought a new one which also behaved as its predecessor. I went to return it with embarrassment as I bought it after complete inspection. I tried Third, Fourth and then Fifth from different shops, I even waited for 30 minutes at one shop to ensure it gets charged but still my mobile did not change its behavior.

While returning back home a guy raised his thumb standing on the roadside asking for lift. First I thought NO but very next second I stopped my bike thinking may be doing good will return something good to me. He asked me to drop him to a place very near to my college where I completed my graduation.Thanks to him who reminded me of a shop where I used to recharge my prepaid SIM card during 4 years of my college life. He recognized me at once and started asking about my well being. He was not in a business to sell mobile accessories so I asked him if he possesses a Motorola phone more importantly with an original charger. And “Yes” he said, I asked him to at least check whether it’s my phone's defect or it loves only genuine accessories.

Till the phone was connected with his personal charger, I had to hear all the new plans of different service provider pretending as if that is the only thing I was waiting to hear all my life.My phone started working after 10 minutes of electron transfer into it, but sadly the charger was Not for Sale. I was still happy and said thanks to the shopkeeper and in mind to the guy who asked me for the lift.

As my phone was OFF again I decided to use cell of my 12 year old nephew who gets call only from his parents. He was perfectly OK with it. After interchanging the SIM cards I tried to divert my calls and keep both his and mine number working but for some unknown reasons my service provider said 'Divert Calls Fail'.

I settled down with fate as I was in no mood to buy a new cell phone just because I don't have a charger.

Only choice left was to get back my original charger. I called my friend at Jagdalpur to send me the charger that I left at his home by a bus that comes to Bhilai. I asked him to opt that, as courier service would have not taken less than 7 days for that job. Being involved in transport business my friend gave the charger to a truck driver, one of his acquaintances. After 2 days I came to know that charger is back with him at Jagdalpur without reachingme and the excuse I got for its not being delivered was "Sir, we reached your place at 2 am, so thought not to disturb you as it was just a Charger". And I was left with words- "Oh God, is it just a charger?"

As I was there for Diwali vacation, very next day we had to go to Patan, our grannies’ place, which is again a small town where chance of getting a charger, was next to zero.

My number was ON in my nephew's phone with only incomings as all my contacts were stored in the phone which was no more alive. We reached Patan where our joint family gathers every year for Diwali celebrations. I used my elder brother's phone to update my face-book status as "No Outgoings, Please Call".

I started my search again in shops of Patan for a device which can charge my phone. Shopkeeper said big NO when he saw the phone then suddenly he took out the battery to charge it using a magical charger which is attached to the metallic pins of battery. That was the only piece he had and to all my bad luck it came out to be defective.

I did not lose hope and went to 3-4 shops more to solve the mystery of charger and my bad luck. While experimenting the Xth charger (I forgot the count by then), I asked the shopkeeper if he loads the songs for free? Looking him busy transferring media items from his PC to a Chinese model phone, phones which are actually a great hit in the rural market. He replied "I will come on roads if I do it; I charge Rs. 75 for randomly loading songs and 100 if customer brings his own choice list". "Are you going to open a shop here?"- He asked. I smiled and said 'No'. I knew the charger would not work as it was looking like the previous ones.

I reached home just to hear my dad telling me importance of small things in life and how to manage one's belongings. Even though I was deadly in need of it I said 'It’s just a charger, I will get a new one from Mumbai. Every time I get a call from someone I just see some unknown numbers as they were new to my nephew's cell. I wished "Happy Diwali" to a few without even knowing who were they as I didn’t want to commit "You didn’t recognize Meeee?" crime.

I was asked to buy a new phone by the intelligent minds of the family. I refused by saying it’s just a matter of one more day as I had a train for Mumbai next day. And before that there was one more chance of getting my original charger back when my friend from jagdalpur told me he has re sent it by a bus of Payal transport.

I came back to Bhilai to catch the train and before that I had to collect the most awaited thing from the Payal Tours and Travels. There were two offices of Payal transport; my elder brother and I went to the near one first. I enquired the man sitting there and he replied in negative sentences to all my questions and before he gets angry I thought to disappear. I saw my watch, only one hour was left for the train, in a hurry I asked him the address of second office.

"1121 that’s the bus" I said looking into the number plate as we reached the office 4 kilometers away from the first. I went to the office and enquired about the charger and the driver, one old man who seemed to be the manager there said "NO" for both. I requested him to ask his people to do a search in the bus which I thought he will not, but to my surprise even he participated in the search mission. I saw my watch again; only 45 minutes were left. "Leave it uncle" I said in hurry and thanked him for all his help still cursing my bad luck.

"No Outgoings No Incomings, Don’t Call" was the new face book update from my brother’s cell and I gave back my nephew his phone before getting into the train.

I reached Mumbai at 6 am in the morning; first thing I looked for was the data cable which can also be used to charge the mobile. I got one but it was not of Motorola as my roommate took mine with him to his home by mistake and I was left with his mobile’s. He was going to be back after 4 days. “My bad luck is still ON", I thought and made one more try, I took my other roommate’s cell and made a call to an office colleague who used to have the same model. He replied “Sorry dude!! I am on night shift from today”, so there was no chance of meeting him, I didn’t understand why things were going like this.

That complete day my phone was off until I reached a mobile shop after office. I showed my mobile to the person there and after rejecting tens of different charger he conjured with one and said “Sir, here it is” and voila!! It worked. I wondered and happily said “Boss its Mumbai, there has to be some difference”.

I called to as many people present in my phone book with charger plugged to my phone. Everything was fine before I discovered the same charger which was working properly till last day showed some strange behavior and stopped functioning. After office I went to same shop and asked for an exchange but my request was rigidly rejected. After a small quarrel I gave up as I bought it after testing it last day.

I came back home again with a new charger and the defected one, I gave the defected one to our cook and to all my surprise both the chargers worked.

I finally got “Just a Charger” which worked, worked and still working.......

30th december, the day when my AC bus pass' validity expired. So i had to travel on Normal bus... I took the bus from veena nagar and as usual didnt get seat to sit. Found a place to stand, it was between two seats where an old couple was sitting - husband on front and wife behind him. It seems they had a fight today morning. Time to time they keep on cursing each other without even bothering whether the other one is listening or not. I just Smiled........

 Soon after and luckily i got a seat on the last row of the bus beside a young lady  :) with her daughter on her lap.. I took out book from my bag "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and started reading it.. Suddenly the small girl looked towards me and I Smiled..... then continued reading the book and the very next line was-- " Why we smile when we look a baby?". Amazed at what was happening with me..... i kept myself busy with the book. Gal's mom was trying to teach her Numbers-- one two three four five.... Ten. And in return little gal always goes like ths-- one two ....five four three..... hahah I smiled again.....

Point is in case of AC bus where i find only professionals some with newspapers, some with laptops and some simply sleeping. How different is life in normal bus even in the case of train Vs flights. Sometimes we get to see different colors of life which we generally miss in our busy schedule.